Stop Climate Chaos: Call on David Cameron to end coal

Call on David Cameron to end coal

Coal pollution is the single biggest driver of climate change on the planet. Harmful emissions from coal-fired power stations are causing more and more extreme weather, from floods in Britain to droughts in Africa.  

It's affecting people here and abroad and many other things we love, from endangering bees to eroding our coastline.  Let's stand up for action on climate change to protect the things we love.

We need to stop burning climate-wrecking coal. Tell David Cameron to lead the way.

David Cameron has already said we need to stop coal pollution, so it's vitally important you show him that you expect a clear plan showing how he will keep his word. And with world leaders set to agree a global climate deal in Paris this December, there's never been a better time to act.

Say no to coal pollution. Sign the petition today.

I'm calling on David Cameron to:

* Produce a concrete plan to stop burning climate-wrecking coal by 2023

* Take a lead in encouraging other rich countries to phase out fossil fuels, starting with dirty coal

* Push for a fair and ambitious deal at the UN climate talks, and pledge the UK's fair share of finance to help the world's poorest adapt to climate change

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